MS Beam Channel

Shape C Shaped
Material Mild Steel
Usage/Application Construction
Surface Treatment Polished
Thickness 10 mm
Country of Origin Made in India


MS (Mild Steel) Beam Channels are vital structural components widely used in construction and engineering projects, providing support, stability, and structural integrity. These channels, made from mild steel, are available in various shapes and sizes, including U-shaped (also known as U-channels) and C-shaped (C-channels) profiles. MS Beam Channels are versatile and find applications in building frameworks, supports, and structural connections.

Rathi Ispat is your trusted supplier of high-quality MS Beam Channels, designed to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring durability and reliability. Whether you require U-channels or C-channels, our commitment to excellence guarantees that you receive top-notch products that enhance the safety and performance of your projects. Count on Rathi Ispat for your MS Beam Channel needs.

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