Tmt Bar

  • High strength corrosion resistant TMT re-bars.
  • Typically used in construction in coastal areas, areas with high salinity in the air, industrial areas, construction of marine structures and in areas with high acid content in the air.
  • TMT steel bars are produced through a combination of heat treatment and mechanical working.
  • They are stronger than traditional mild steel bars.
  • TMT bars can be easily welded, which is essential in construction projects that require joining steel components.
Diameter 20 mm
Grade 600 D CRS
Material Mild Steel
Material Mild Steel
Single Piece Length 12 meter
Usage/Application Building Construction
Brand JSW Neosteel
P Max 0.08%
CE Max 0.45%
S Max 0.04%
Tensile Strength Min 670 N/mm2
Color Grey
UTS / YS Ratio 1.08
Yield Strength Min 620 N/mm2
C Max 0.15%
T EL Min 5%
Unit Length 12 m
Elongation Min 12%
Country of Origin Made in India
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